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Integration Guide - Web

This page outlines the basic integration steps of Ola Money wallet. Ola Money provides a seamless web checkout experience

Ola Money web-checkout launched ! In order to launch payments with Ola Money follow 5 simple steps below

Step 1: Bill Generation for Payment

Bill Generation is covered as part of KB

Please refer to Bill generator KB article for details

Step 2: Encode the bill in base64 format

A fully generated bill with hash calculation is further encoded in Base64 format.The end result of encoding would typically look as below:


Step 3: Get the user's mobile number

User's Mobile Number is used to uniquely identify the user in Ola Money system which is further used to get user's balance and process the transaction.

This is optional,If it isn't provided by you we would request the user for his mobile number at our end in the web-checkout.

Step 4: Create and open a URL with these parameters using GET method

You need to pass the base64 encoded bill you generated, and the user's mobile number to the URL
Production URL : "https://om.olacabs.com/olamoney/webview/index.html"
Merchant Integration testing URL : "http://sandbox.olamoney.in/olamoney/webview/index.html"

as parameters, and open it using GET request:


Step 5: Web-checkout launched

Voila ! web-checkout launched

Voila ! web-checkout launched

What if user has insufficient balance ?

If the user enters Ola Money payment without enough balance in his wallet to pay for your transaction. No worries , we also have a an option to allow user to load money into his wallet in the payment flow and successfully complete the transaction initiated by you.

Load and Pay !

Load and Pay !

Paid Successfully ! Done !

Successful Payment !

Successful Payment !

Once Transaction is completed successfully he returns to your website for further Interaction :)

Response Handling

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Integration Guide - Web

This page outlines the basic integration steps of Ola Money wallet. Ola Money provides a seamless web checkout experience

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