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Understanding Hash

Why is hash important?

The hash computed this way, has to match with the hash posted in JSON.
If there is a mismatch, following could be the reasons.

  • You are using a wrong/test access key or secret key
  • Data may have been tampered with

If you don't do a hash matching at your end, you are vulnerable to a potential hacking attempt.

Computing Hash

You need to generate a hash, in the following format, using SHA-512
Note: All param are mandatory and amount should be in two decimal point.

All parameters are mandatory and amount should be in 2 places of decimal point

Note: All param are mandatory and amount should be in two decimal point.

hash = sha512('access_token|uniqueId|comments|udf|returnUrl|notificationUrl|currency|amount|couponCode|salt');

Why do we use SHA-512?

Of all the Hash functions available, the SHA-2 family is currently among the strongest, and the best choice considering commonness, analysis, and security.

import hashlib
hash_object = hashlib.sha512(b'ola_access_token|TXN1232434343555523|optional|optional|http://myweb.com/myreturn_url.php|http://myweb.com/mynotify_url.php|INR|100.00|OMOFFER|ola_salt')
ola_hash = hash_object.hexdigest()
$ola_hash = openssl_digest('ola_access_token|TXN1232434343555523|optional|optional|http://myweb.com/myreturn_url.php|http://myweb.com/mynotify_url.php|INR|100.00|OMOFFER|ola_salt', 'sha512');

You can also look at our github repo

Understanding Hash